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This Course is designed to introduce participants to the fundamental principles of animation. It will set them on the pathway to conceptualize, design and manage animation projects along their entire life cycle. Participants will learn about the fundamentals of animation and also the business of animation as well as how to create stories and believable characters.

In general, the Deliver Training Online is a customized training intervention which equips participants with the requisite competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes) to develop and deliver training sessions online. Therefore, participants will be exposed to the following modules: (1) Develop Training Session for Online Delivery, (2) Prepare Training Participants, (3) Present Training Session, (4) Facilitate Individual and Group Learning (5) Provide opportunities for practice and feedback, (6) Review Delivery of Training Session.

Chemistry is concerned with the physical and chemical properties of substances and the interaction of energy and matter. The study of Chemistry involves an investigation into chemical reactions and processes. The discipline seeks to explain and predict events at the atomic and molecular level. Through the principles of Chemistry, students will understand everyday life, nature and technology, and the significance of the well-being of man and the environment.