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This course is designed to allow participants to function effectively in the business world.  Participants will also gain an understanding of how communication principles operate in the workplace and how to apply them to various business situations.  They will improve their knowledge of grammar and mechanics while preparing business documents. They will learn about the oral aspects of business communication, language styles and registers, as well as how to organize and conduct meetings.

This course is designed to provide opportunities for learners to speak confidently and effectively in Standard English in both formal and informal situations.  Learners will learn the physical aspects of producing speech, and how to manipulate the voice and to speak effectively in professional and personal situations.    In addition, they will be challenged to develop and practice the skill of effective listening and they will learn to organize and deliver various formal and informal speeches, giving careful attention and analysis to the specific speech situation, the speech purpose, the target audience and the appropriate methods.

This course equips learners with the fundamental skills and knowledge that are pertinent and current to Technical Writing. The course guides students through the process of preparing effective technical documents as well as delivering usable information.  Furthermore, it creates an appreciation for the role, nature and process of research and examines the use of Internet media in Technical Writing. As an imperative, it will expose students to current ethical issues in Technical Writing

Learners will be able to demonstrate the dimensions of competency of Technical Writing that are consistent with global standards.